Knox County Right to Life activities include the following:

Every third Thursday of the month a faithful prayer group of 2, 3 or maybe 4 venture to Planned Parenthood in Bettendorf, IA.  We walk and pray for one hour from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  We offer prayers for all who cross the threshold of Planned Parenthood, the nationwide largest provider of abortions.  We pray for the unborn babies whose lives are under fire, their mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents and the staff. We make a visible stand against the evil of abortion.  We pray and will never stop defending life.  We will not go away until all lives are protected and respected and the right to life is the law of our land. We are “Prayer Warriors” and anyone is invited to join us.  We leave Galesburg at 9:00a.m.  Please call Pat Regnier at 375-6816 (or Judie Klaas at 341-3456) to let me(us) know if you wish to join me(us) and for departure details.

***Ten general membership meetings. Each meeting includes an educational presentation and a letter-writing session (Members write to elected officials or to address some other life concern with a company or to friends to alert them to upcoming events).  Each of these meetings is hosted by a different church. Contact Pat R., 309-375-6816

***A Newsletter is published quarterly.  Contact Dave, 309-342-7214

***A January Interdenominational Prayer Service. This service includes prayer, song and a Pro-Life Motivational Speaker.

Contact Pat C., 309-343-2852.

***The March and Rally for Life in Washington, D.C. This is attended each year by six to ten of our members.  They join with hundreds of thousands of other pro-lifers rallying, marching, and witnessing on the Capital Mall.

Contact Lisa, 309-342-7214 or Pat R., 309-375-6816.

***Signature Ad on Mother’s Day:   Knox County Right to Life sponsors a Signature Ad in the Register-Mail.  Those who support the mission of Knox County Right to Life sign their name to a pro-life message and have it published in the newspaper. Contact Chanda, 309-342-5876

***LIFE CHAIN:   Knox County Right to Life joins with thousands of other Right to Life groups across the nation to silently pray and witness on Galesburg streets.  Following the Life Chain, there is a rally on the Public Square.  This has been held every year since 1991

Contact Mary, 309-343-0621 or Pat C., 309-343-2852.

***Pro-Life Legislative Day:  Members go to Springfield to support pro-life legislation.  Contact Pat C., 309-343-2852.

***Community wide Baby Shower Brunch: Each August, Knox County Right to Life sponsors this event to benefit the local Women’s Pregnancy Center.  Contact Pat R., 309-375-6816

***Financial support of the local Women’s Pregnancy Center:  A Knox County Right to Life member caters meals for various churches and organizations. She solicits donations of food and labor.  All profits are given to the Pregnancy Center. Contact Helen, 309-342-4383.

***Education:  Knox County Right to Life distributes Pro-Life literature, shirts, license plate covers, etc.; Pro-life Flags; Pro-life Facts of  Life for weekly use in church bulletins; Pro-Life Posters (a different one for each month) for display  in churches and hospitals.  We also do newspaper ads and billboards.  Contact Chanda, 309….

***Pro-Life Pastors’ Dinner in October.  All Pro-life Pastors in our area are invited to attend this dinner.  Contact Pat C., 309-343-2852.

***FESTIVAL OF LIFE in October.  Past speakers include: Jill Stanek: Norma McCorvey; Gianna Jessen; Dr. Anthony & Cecilia Levatino; Bobby Schindler; Suzanne Vitadamo; Dr. John Diggs, M.D.;  Dr. Alveda King; and Kenny McCaughey.  Contact, Pat C., 309-343-2852

***MAJOR FUNDRAISERS:   Sale of Christmas Ornaments; Christmas Wish List; Pancake Breakfast, Bake Sale and Donations.

Contact Helen, 309-342-4383.